There’s a moment you know you’re in love – you remember it, don’t you?

It’s that spark, the emotion, and you don’t know what’s next, yet you can’t help but feel.

We say ‘falling in love’ because it’s what happens – you do not get a choice, and you’re drawn to them.

It’s the same when you’re living with trauma:

We do not get a choice, or say, with what happened to you.

We do not get a choice into how it’s shaped us, inside…

For me, thinking I’m crazy, and fall into panic, unable to breathe, or feel frozen, exposed, and unable to feel, move, or

I can’t take back what happened, undo, but you are where you are.

When you miss out on choices, it is ever so vital to make your choice today, and the choice is that simple:

To heal.

What’s the next step on your journey?

For me, it is sharing the message of hope and connection – we are in this together.

Because one thing that’s shaped me today is meeting survivor, fellow human who’s seen what I seen, and who’s made feel heard, understood.

And I want this for all of us, you, me, all who know how to suffer, but inside, they want more.

This has helped me decide to seek therapy, and to share the story with my friends, and start writing a play reconnecting us to our story of trauma, and the pathway to heal.

But it all begins with one tiny decision…

It need not be big, in fact, it may not be clear, but a decision to act in the name of you:

To find what will help you in making you happy, more hopeful, to feel that you’re moving, moving forwards, on your terms!

Choose to move away from feeling alone, towards feeling heard. Understood.

To know – you belong.

I am starting a community here in Melbourne to be there for each other, to give, grow, and heal together.

Do you want to join us?

Hit reply, and let me know.

Tune in for the podcast for more:

Thank you for being here, my friend!

Your journey is unlike anyone else, and yet there’s so much we share – we all who are touched by trauma.

Your story is our story, and through connection, through sharing our pains, struggles and hopes, we keep moving forward.


If you are looking for a pick me up, check out my brand new book on thriving in times of uncertainty: