A friend asked me if I have any episodes about inspiration…

Because he was feeling down, and not in a good place.

And that’s what it’s for:

Inspiration is a feeling that’s lifting you up, and giving you boost, and urging you act.


When you feel inspired, you don’t wait for the perfect moment…

You also don’t brainstorm – you ACT!

No waiting, but action that helping you heal, and feel better, in sharing your truth, expressing your true, authentic self.

It’s hard – for us as survivors, for all of us living the struggle, and yet this is why we want to doing whatever we can to feeling inspired today.

Here’s what helps me – connecting with what I do care about deeply:

My dreams, my people, my values!!

And if I lose sight of that, I start feeling lost, distant, alone.

My values, my people, and dreams they live on my wall as reminder, they are marked in my calendar so I don’t forget or get blindsided by every day life.

Staying connected to your dreams, your people, your values is key to us feeling we’re here, and here we deserve.

We know what it’s like suffer, and we deserve MORE

In finding the joy, and beauty in your life today.

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