What most people see is the “safe” part of you – is this who you are on the inside?

I think that we’re more than that, and part that we’re willing to share is one part of many that makes you the person that you are today.

These parts might be speaking to diverging hopes, hurts, and stories we carry within.

The first time I spoke to survivor, like me, I felt understood, but also more whole:

I felt that a part of me came back to life.

The part that was hurt, as a child, that lived on in fear and buried in shame…

The first time I spoke to it I even pointed to it by instinct – someplace in the gut.

Now I’m not claiming the body connection at all, but many of the go to therapies that we have for trauma today, including Internal Family Systems, ego state therapy, psychodrama, connect with the parts based approach to our mind.

Is healing then about making parts of ourselves feel more welcome and safe?

Join me this week on The Happy YOU podcast as I talk about parts and the impact of trauma – and how we can integrate our experience in a way that is helping us heal.

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