With trauma, we’re always running away from hurt…

Because too painful, and yet, that is exactly what can get in the way of healing.

Take me – I spent most of my life suppressing the memory of abuse, and how it has messed me up…

Listen, how could I speak, share my story, get help:

When I could not even begin to ACKNOWLEDGE the wreckage it made of my life!

And I’ve been living in hurt for years because I didn’t know healing and what it can do.

But everything changed the moment I met a survivor – I understood who I am, what I lived through, and what I deserve.

It’s like a part of me came back to life, and this part made me more whole.

This part has helped me starting to dream, more calm, think clearly, but also seeing the other side of healing:

Away from hurt, towards the beauty and joy of life, towards the goodness and feeling better about yourself!

Towards being more creative and open, towards feeling MORE

What are the good things that may be obstructed by trauma?

Join me this week on the podcast to go through the five hidden virtues of healing:

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