Today I told a friend about going through rape as a child.

And she took well, in the sense of truth and acceptance, as something that’s normal, a part of me.

But it’s also released me – from secrets, from shame, and the pain that I carry with me.

Every single time I share this story, and by now, most people in my life they know, I get a sense of relief – let go of the burden I carry.

Because I can look to the future.

Have you ever shared your story, my friend?

To feel truly heard, understood?

I hope that you find the opportunity to share your truth with someone – be it a friend, or your therapist.

Because this might be helping you to go further, into the future you want without the extra burden that gets bundled onto our shoulders as we’re making our own way through life…

My friend, if there is something that you want get off of your chest, I am here.

Your future, your life it is worth it – and we should never keep at it alone!

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